We answer all Your needs, from micro to macro planning.

We are pleased to be your solution partner in your manufacturing processes with our staff who have more than 13 years of experience in tool and die making and machine manufacturing.

Progressive Die

We combine our experience and the power of technology . We are at your service by our special designed productions and white goods, automotive , defense industry , aviation , energy, shelf systems, steel goods. Also we provide solutions for ur all sheet metal productions by our progressive die , tandem die ,transfer die and pre-punch die productions.

We develop reliable industrial solutions for the future.

Sometimes, small touches can allow us to make a big difference. For this purpose, we made intensive consultations with our customers and staff working in your production in order to develop and produce custom manufacturing solutions suitable for industry 4.0, together with our engineer colleagues from various disciplines. We can give our aluminum extrusion, pipe and tube punching lines as an example.

Feel free to ask us anything you have in mind, we are happy to answer


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